About The Sites

ken riddick photography I'm addicted.

To diving.

I knew I was a junkie even as a little boy when I watched Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson water-wrestling with bad guys and, inevitably, cutting their double-hose regulators with the knife from his ankle, saving the world.

With the tailgate of my dad's '57 Chevy station wagon as a dive platform, I chased imaginary giant squid and fought island-sized sharks with nothing but a knife. Jules Vernes and Nemo became my heroes.

Then I grew up. Or, more accurately, I grew older. So, I got certified to dive in 1979 and got wet at any opportunity. And like any respectable addiction, the more I dive, the more I need to dive.

This site is a way for me to share that passion with friends and family. And with you.

I share this addiction with a couple of great friends as often as possible. The three of us live in different cities but try to meet up someplace in the tropics at least once a year to indulge our addictions.

ken riddick photographyI've known Brad Reynolds since we were kids. We started diving together when I was in college in Austin, Texas. In Brad, I created a monster. I moved away from Austin for work and Brad became a diving animal. He achieved several advanced dive ratings and took course toward a marine biology degree. He is an accomplished cave diver and underwater photographer. And he probably has as many as 1,000 logged dives.

William King and I worked together years ago in Central California and learned early on that we shared the passion for diving.

The three of us actually don't have a heck of a lot in common. But for a week or so every year, we're best of friends, sharing something each of us loves equally.

Ten years ago the three of us decided to meet up in Baja California del Sur. We had amazing dives in a tough-to-reach village called Cabo Pulmo and three-hour boat rides to the submerged sea mounts near the capital city of La Paz.

Since then we've met up each year. Always someplace new.

There have been years when we were fortunate enough to make more than one trip. And Brad makes several trips a year. Sadly, we don't all three make each trip but so far at least two of us have made it. The photographs give the others a chance to enjoy the trip vicariously.

We have many great memories and stories from our trips: meeting and listening to the stories of famous American expatriate and original Bali Hai boy, Muck McCullum, for example. Or learning about the relative advantages among William's philosophies of variously-colored chickens.

ken riddick photographyAfter that first trip, I determined to attempt to photograph our trips going forward. The Internet gave me the opportunity to easily share them.

So, originally working with submersible cameras and film and later moving to digital imagery, I've been doing my best to document the wonder of these wonderous places ever since.

One of the most common questions I get when folks see the pictues is, "what is your favorite place to dive?"

The answer will always be the "next" place.

Like any good junkie, I want you to be addicted, too. So, I share these pictures with that goal. Enjoy them, let them tempt you into the water.