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Welcome to Moorea, French Polynesia. About half way between Hawaii and Australia, the island is famous for clear water, sharks and short boat rides. We came in June of 2001 for the sharks and encountered them as soon as we rolled into the water on our first dive.

Before the week was over, we saw many, many sharks of several species -- blacktips, lemmons, gray reef sharks -- and as many as 30 individuals on one dive to the Tiki. But we saw so much more.

The following 25 pictures illustrate our trip. All the images were made with Nikonos V cameras, Ikelite strobes with either a 20mm lens or a 1:3 extension tube on a 35mm lens. It was all shot on Fujichrome 100 film.

You'll find "next" and "previous" links at the bottom of each cutline, as well as a link to a previous trip to French Polynesia.

Hope you enjoy. Would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions.

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