Ken Riddick underwater photography of Little Cayman Island reefs and fish and creatures.
2007 Ken Riddick
elcome to Little Cayman Island and the spectacular diving around the smallest of the Cayman Islands and world-famous Bloody Bay Wall.

The island and the diving are at once relaxing and exhilarating, with diverse coral and fish populations on pristine reefs in relatively shallow, calm water that gives way to a dramatic and almost vertical wall plumetting to six thousand feet.

My long-time dive buddies, Brad Reynolds and William King, and I dove the reefs and wall during a remarkable week at the end of June 2007. This was our eighth trip together.

We made 17 dives and barely got to know the place so famous for amazing sites. Along with all the predictable beauty and excitement of diving these celebrated reefs, we had unusual encounters with a tenacious shark sucker and his reluctant parrotfish-host, dozens of mating mid-water squid and even a pair of Nassau Grouper that were more like puppies, following and nudging divers for attention and pausing to have their chins scratched.

We dove with Reef Divers out of the Little Cayman Beach Resort and stayed at the Conch Club Condominiums.

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A note on technique: All the underwater images were made with Nikon D100 cameras housed in a Light and Motion Titan. For close ups I shot the Nikkor 60mm micro with the Light and Motion flat port and a 16mm lens for wider shots behind thier 8" dome port. All were lit with a pair of Sea and Sea YS90 strobes.

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