Ken Riddick underwater photography of Saba Island reefs and fish in the Netherlands Antilles
2004 Ken Riddick
Welcome to the Unspoiled Queen
What follows are approximately thirty images and comments from a recent dive trip to Saba Island, also known as the Unspoiled Queen of the Netherlands Antilles.

We spent six days diving the various reefs. We managed to squeeze in sixteen dives in that short time, some days with as much as three hours under water.

We visited Saba's famous pinnacle reefs, its shallow lava-flow reefs, even its rarely visited windward side reefs. It is a charming island with quaint villages and a pristine and protected marine environment.

We saw many familiar sea creatures and several new ones. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I sure enjoyed making them.

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A note on technique: All the images were made with Nikonos cameras and Fujichrome RDP 100 ASA slide film. I used a 35mm lens with extension tubes for close ups, a straight 35mm lens for some fish portraits and a 20mm lens for wider shots. All were lit with Ikelite undersea strobes.

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