Saba Island Diving: Dutch Treasures

Ken Riddick underwater photography of Saba Island reefs and fish in the Netherlands Antilles
2004 Ken Riddick
Peacock Flounder

Cousins of the sole, a flounder begins life looking like most other fishes but eventually one eye actually migrates to the other side of the body, the flounder adapts a side-swimming posture and takes up his place on the reef floor.


They are so flat they can shimmy down into the sand, leaving only their independently functioning eyes above to watch for trouble or dinner.


We found this one on reefs around Green Island on the windward side of the Saba. We were told we were pretty lucky to get several dives on the windward side, where our divemasters claimed the weather only allows diving about 20 days each year. This side of the island is more like common Caribbean islands, with white sand and branching corals.

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