Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras, Coral Reef Diving
Ken Riddick underwater photography of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras, coral reefs, fish and creatures.
2008 Ken Riddick
elcome to beautiful and relaxing SCUBA diving around Coco View resort on Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

My long-time dive buddies, Brad Reynolds and William King, and I dove the reefs and walls during another remarkable week in August of 2008. This was our ninth trip together.

We made 17 dives (at least I did) and barely got to know the place famous for accessible 24hour/7 days diving. Along with all the predictable beauty and excitement of diving these reefs, we had unusual encounters with a fearless and colorful (and large) octopus as well as some frisky chubs, a large grizzly-bearded big-eyed toad fish and all manner of small marine critters.

Although we did not encounter much in the way of large animals, the walls were spectacular and the diving extremely relaxing. We averaged a little over 61 minutes bottom time on each dive and managed 3-5 dives each day.

The dives were arranged so we could make two boat dives in the morning and two in the afternoon. We could also do all the shore diving we could stand - day or night.

The second boat dives were actually drop-off dives. Coco View sits in the elbow of Coco View Wall and Newman's Wall. After a first boat dive and brief surface interval, the boats would drop us off along one or the other walls so we could make our way, at our pace, back to Coco View.

While we dove with Coco View and the service was very good, we rented a beach house about 1/2 mile down the reef from Coco View. We were able to get the meal package and Nitrox diving packages through Coco View but the beach house offered us privacy for some obnoxious nights drinking too much rum and beer. Plus, a little extra room

But mostly we dove. A lot. I hope you'll find the following images compelling. As always, I had a ball making them.

Thanks for visiting.

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A note on technique: All the underwater images were made with Nikon D100 cameras housed in a Light and Motion Titan. For close ups I shot the Nikkor 60mm micro with the Light and Motion flat port and a 16mm lens for wider shots behind thier 8" dome port. All were lit with a pair of Sea and Sea YS90 strobes.

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