Galapagos Islands Diving

Ken Riddick underwater photography of Galapagos Islands reefs and hammerhead sharks, fish and creatures.
2006 Ken Riddick
Red Lipped Batfish

Of course you would expect many unusual species in The Galapagos and the batfish was just one.

We found this one at The Anchorage at Wolf Island in pretty deep water at 107 feet.

With the help of divemaster Antonio we found several in the sand flats below the lava flows. Because water begins filtering the red end of the spectrum even in shallow water, it was difficult to see the red of its "lips" until the camera's artificial lights illuminated it. Then this fish really looked pretty weird. But they were extremely tolerant of annoying photographers.

They are peculiarly adapted for life on the sea floor. The pectoral fins are better for walking on the bottom than swimming.

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