Galapagos Islands Diving

Ken Riddick underwater photography of Galapagos Islands reefs and hammerhead sharks, fish and creatures.
2006 Ken Riddick
Lazy Sea Star

We saw many varieties of sea stars.

This one struck me simply because it appeared to be reclining on this lava formation.

But there were many other echinoderms, as well.

This picture was taken at North Seymour near Baltra. It was my first dive with new photo gear. I recently sold most of my Nikonos gear and switched to the Nikon D100 digital camera housed in a Light and Motion Titan.

The switch took some getting used to. My early pictures with the housing are often flawed but as I began to adjust to it, I quickly came to realize that this system was going to afford me much more control of technique and much more creativity. The housing is beautifully designed and easy to use, if much heavier and bulkier than the Nikonos system.

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