Diving French Polynesia: Moorea

©2001 Ken Riddick
William King, left, and divemaster Hughes, follow a hawksbill turtle over the reef at Oponohu Canyons, off Moorea Island in French Polynesia. William, I and Brad Reynolds took our annual dive trip to Moorea this year. The favorable exchange rate and cheap airfares made this trip very appealing.

But arriving in this beautiful archipelego was even more than we were prepared for. Amazing island, warm wonderful people, even good local beer.

I had purchased a Nikonos underwater camera system and was very anxious to try it out in these incredibly clear waters. What follows are the results. There are "next" and "previous" links below each of the 25 pictures to guide you through. Please enjoy. We sure did!

This turtle would eat small anenome from the hands of the divers, swim off to the surface for a quick breath of air and return for more.

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