Bonaire Diving: 2012

Bonaire diving photos
©2012 Ken Riddick
Bonaire Kids Cool Off

A couple of young boys enjoy the cooling Caribbean at one of the many white sand beaches of the island.

The pier in the background led out to the edge of the reef, where the reef dropped off from about 20 feet deep to much greater depths. Turned out to be a pretty great dive with lots of critters.

We returned to this site to do a night dive. While on the reef after dark, we cut off our lights, let our eyes adjust and then were amazed by the bioluminescence surrounding us. It was like a scene out of science fiction.

Probably hundreds of thousands of inch-long translucent tubes, each with a helix of sequentially-firing lights within, were rising slowly from the sand and into the water column all around us. Unforgettable.

Unfortunately, they don't put off enough light to record on our photographic equipment.

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