Bonaire: Macro, mostly

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Tiger Grouper at Karpata

Although the shore entry here can be a challenge of balance and timing, Karpata reef's diverse and beautiful environment is worth the effort. We geared-up on the remains of a small cement pier, somewhat protected from the heavy surge. After waiting on just the right waves to carry each of us above the large reef rubble, we were swept quickly to relative calm of deeper water.

Just a few kicks later we were on the reef crest in about 25 feet of indiscernibly clear water. Moving slowly over the crest, the reef suddenly and dramatically falls to the sand about 120 feet below, a magnificent sight fractured by deep sand canyons here and there. Although our maximum depth on this dive was 88 feet, we averaged only about 48 feet. It seems every crevice of the coral wall is inhabited by something interesting, including this aptly named tiger grouper.

Karpata was one of our favorite dives. In fact, with so many accessible choices in Bonaire, this was the only reef we chose to dive twice.

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