Belize: Ambergris Caye to Placencia

©2002 Ken Riddick
The Shark Pit near Tobacco Cayes

A submerged sinkhole beginning in about 40 feet of water just north of Tobacco Cayes, this underwater cavern inside the barrier reef opens up into a large room, which bottoms out below 100 feet. The divemaster, James, found it pretty handily with hand-held GPS and dropped the anchor within 50 feet of the opening.

The visibility outside the cave was impossible, maybe five feet. But once we descended through the aperture, it cleared up almost immediately. We could also feel the occasional chill of fresh water seeping from the aquifer.

The darkness was a bit daunting as we first entered the cave but, frankly, wasn't really any worse than the muddy water we swam through to find the opening. Once our eyes adjusted and our lights found the walls, it became quite a beautiful, if brief, dive.

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